Spray Polyurea Application


The spray polyurea material details, polyurea spray coating was conducted across Europe and Turkey is now widespread.

The waterproofing material spray polyurea exhibits high performance with 100% elasticity of the material against the joint or impact.

One of today's problems is water leakage problems that have been experienced by uninsulated buildings.

The intention of the water leakage problems is the buildings without insulation. There are a lot of confrontations in reinforced concrete structures in the structures we are in or in the working environments we are in.

Now let's ask ourselves the following question: Why do these kinds of events originate in the buildings? -Yes, the answer is very simple building cracks occurring during or after construction, or underground or from the roof of the water leaks are.

In short, places such as kitchens, bathrooms, and roofs in our homes are better suited to water leaks because the humidity is the simplest place to build up and there are water leaks that occur with the sweating that evaporation has done.

The spray polyurea has two solutions for water insulation, structurally and superficially.

Joints include terminological solutions such as shrink-wrapping (this method is used against external water leaks, a per-build application that is applied from the outside to the inside).

Why Spray Poluyrea?

  • One of the biggest factors damaging the building or the structure is water. Cracks, deterioration in the conveyor parts of the structures with water coming into the structure causes the conveying power of the end result structure of the materials in the structure to decrease.

  • Exposed water, such as rain, snow, ground mine, underground water at the building where the building is built, is exposed to inland water in wet spaces. Therefore, polyurea waterproofing material is a new generation technology.

  • Polyurea is a rigid coating system that is elastic and close to carbon on 500% elongation, with a fast reactive and nose-insensitive coating feature, high elasticity and tensile strength of 6000 psi (40 MPa).

  • At the end of the implementation, even if the insulation is uninhabited, water leaks in the buildings can be prevented even if a little.

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